LAPSI 2.0 (Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information Thematic Network)

Opening up public sector information for re-use is a priority on the European Commission’s Digital Agenda. The objective of the LAPSI 2.0 thematic network is to identify the remaining legal barriers and obstacles to access and re-use of public sector information (PSI) on the European content market, and to provide measures and tools to overcome or reduce these barriers and to stimulate the progress of the European market towards open data. LAPSI 2.0 brings together academic experts with stakeholders from the public and private sector in order to provide clear insights in the remaining legal issues with regard to access to data, data protection, intellectual property rights and competition, institutional embedding and enforcement, and licensing frameworks. It will build on the results of and lessons learned in the existing LAPSI thematic network.

Van Eechoud is lead of Working Group 2 on Access and Privacy issues.