The Consortium:
University of Amsterdam (coordinator);
Salzburg University of Applied Sciences;
London School of Economics and Political Science;
University of Sussex;
Alpenite srl;
The project aims to develop a BOLD vision: Big Open Legal Data for 2020. It involves a comprehensive comparative analysis of law, society and institutional developments towards the open access model, past developments and prognosis for the future, based on the regional case study of European Union law, and country case studies of UK, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, compared to other advanced legal systems. The analysis will explain how and whether the environment (institutions, policies and the legal community) is finally developing in which open access models such as can develop and flourish.

The ICT component aims to improve access to law EU wide, by providing a cloud-based initial Platform for desktops, tablets and smartphones using open source, connecting legal open data from the UK, the Netherlands and Austria, and at a European level will be connected to the system (other MS will be invited to connect their databases themselves, using the open interfaces). The main functionalities envisaged for the platform include meta-search of existing legal information across different databases (incl. cross-border), and customization of legal content to personal needs.

Mireille van Eechoud and Olivia de Salamanca are primarily involved in the work stream led by professor Chris Marsden, University of Sussex. Overall lead of the project is Dr. Radboud Winkels of the University of Amsterdam Leibnitz Center for legal informatics.