Programme 2022 – PLP Summer Course

Monday 4 July 
08:45-09:15 CESTWelcome
09:15-09:30 CESTOpening Session
by Kristina Irion & Dennis Hirsch
09:30-12:30 CESTAn Update on European Privacy Law and Policy
by Ot van Daalen
14:00-17:00 CESTAn Update on U.S. Privacy Law and Policy
by Dennis Hirsch
17:30-19:30 CESTDinner Cruise on Amsterdam’s Canals
Tuesday 5 July 
09:30-12:30 CESTDisciplining Cloud Providers Through DPIAs
by Sjoera Nas
14:00-17:00 CESTDoing Business Over the Internet: The Legal Governance of Customer-Centric Innovation
by Axel Arnbak
Wednesday 6 July 
09:30-12:30 CESTEthical AI: Emerging Corporate Policies and Practices in Context
by Deirdre Mulligan
Thursday 7 July 
09:30-12:30 CESTAutomated Decision-Making and Discrimination in the GDPR
by Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius
14:00-17:00 CESTThe Recent Wave of State Privacy Laws in the U.S.
by Margot Kaminski
Friday 8 July 
09:30-12:30 CESTCrossborder Transfers of Personal Data After Schrems II
by Kristina Irion
14:00-17:00 CESTPolicy Exercise: The Meltdown of Surveillance Advertising in Europe
by Cristiana Teixeira Santos & Jef Ausloos
17:00-19:00 CESTClosing Reception
and handing out of certificates